The Hungry Scientist Handbook Book Review

It’s been said that science can be fun, but did you know it can be tasty too?  The Hungry Scientist Handbook is full of science experiments that are fun, and they are also edible.  Some of the experiments require some uncommon items, so it’s a good idea to choose a project first so you can gather the supplies needed.

One of the more simple projects in the book is from Chapter 12: Edible Origami, which brings traditional origami into the kitchen.  It shows you how to make origami cranes step-by-step.  This can be a trying task for a beginner, but once you figure it out and do it a few times, it becomes quite easy.  Once you have the technique of making the paper cranes down, the book will then ask you to make them using wonton wrappers, which are much more fragile.  After you have made the wonton wrapper cranes you will gently deep-fry each one in vegetable oil using a pair of tongs.  Once the cranes are golden brown around the edges, take them out and set them on a paper towel to cool.  Once the cranes are dry and have cooled, grab one and enjoy!

Theses oorigami cranes are great for a snack, but can also make any Asian-themed meal fun!

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