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Paranorman Movie Review

A few weeks ago I checked out the movie Paranorman, a stop-motion horror/comedy film. The story follows Norman Babcock, an outcast kid who can speak to the dead. When Norman becomes wrapped up in a many-years-old curse, he must rely on his ability to speak with the dead to save his town from devastation.

Paranorman is a surprisingly dark film.  Though it is aimed at children ages 7 to 9, there are many themes and jokes aimed towards an older audience. The story is compelling and keeps the viewer interested until its climactic ending, a few scary jumps here and there, and lots of fun and humor (again sometimes aimed at adults) throughout the film. The film is also very fluid and clean — it’s hard to believe it is a stop-motion film, but as it is from the creators of Coraline this is not surprising.  Overall, Paranorman is a very well-crafted movie and a fun “horror” film to watch with friends or family.

I give Paranorman 4.5 out of 5 stars.