Steal like an Artist: A Review

10801751_551350698335094_3437536682752532696_nOne of the things we are told as creatives is to be original in our work.  Problem is, there is no longer anything left that is original.  This is seen in our movies (The Lion King is basically Hamlet), our music (different lyrics but same messages), and our art (everything after 1970 is Postmodernism, and in some ways reflect past art styles).

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.  It actually allows us to experiment and learn from past works as we move forward. Steal like an Artist is full of creative practices and exercises to get your creativity flowing.  These exercises can benefit anyone, not just creative types. I’ve read books like this in the past that had no visuals, and it was both mentally and physically draining. Not so with this book!  It contains lots of pictures and is very visual.  In addition, the reading is light and not overwhelming.


Steal Like an Artist only took me a day to read (and I’m a slow reader). So if you have time, check it out — you may find inspiration hiding in the pages.

Be nice, be creative, and steal like an artist!

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