Identity Crisis! — Book Review by Tyler Lentz

IMG_20160126_173123A popular project that I’ve gotten in design classes has been to redesign an existing brand. This is not only a large task, but also a difficult one.  You must create a new brand while managing to keep clients and customer that know the original brand. Brand redesign has to be handled very carefully, as a bad re-branding campaign can cause a business to lose customers, or in some cases fail altogether.

Identity Crisis presents and explores 50 brands that underwent a redesign and saw an improvement in business. Not all of the companies featured are known worldwide (but there is a little information about big-name redesigns in the intro), but the re-branding and its effects are still apparent. Whether you are re-branding a company for class, or trying to re-brand yourself as a designer, you’re sure to find some helpful information and inspiration in this book.

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