Clip Art Books

Do you know about the library’s clip art collection?  If not, get in to the library immediately and take a look, because it will change your life.  Well, maybe not, but it will definitely be the best part of your day.  It’s a collection of books with clip art images on a huge range of topics, themes, and uses.  Each book comes with a CD, allowing you to view the images from the book on a computer.  You can manipulate the images, use them electronically or print them.  The best part?  Since they’re clip art, the images are copyright-free (be sure to read the details in each book, but this is generally the case).

Here’s a selection of some of the awesome books you can find in the clip art collection.  As always, you can check out these books (or any other awesome finds in this collection) for two weeks with your AiMD student ID card.



Old Time Cats:

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