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Hot New Databases!

You probably haven’t noticed, but the temperatures this summer have been very hot.  To survive the heat wave, the official recommendation of the library is for all staff and students to sit indoors, enjoy the wonderful air-conditioning, and check out these new databases:

ThinkStock Images: This is an improvement on our former Getty Images subscription.  ThinkStock has more than 10 million images in multiple file sizes available to downloading for educational use.  Be sure to get the username and password for this resource by logging in to your student portal ( and clicking on the Library link at the top of the page.

VideoBlocks: A collection of royalty-free stock footage, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects, and more available to download and use for educational purposes.  With over 50,000 clips available, there’s something for almost any project in here.

Vogue Archive: Take note, fashion students: you can now access the entire run of Vogue magazine (U.S. edition) from 1892 to present electronically.  This collection includes more than 400,000 high-resolution color page images.  Read an entire issue, or do a keyword search to find articles on a particular topic.

As always, these cool new resources can be accessed from any location, 24 hours a day via the student portal: — Library — Find by Resource — All Resources

Need help accessing these resources?  Thirsting for even more knowledge about our online services?  Stop by and let us know how we can help you have the best summer quarter ever!

Magazines You Need to Know

Too often people look at magazines as a way to waste time or occupy themselves while waiting for something. However, some magazines are just too good to be relegated to waiting-room tables. Here’s a selection of unique magazines that you will definitely not find in the checkout lane of your local grocery store. You know where you will find them? On the periodical wall of the AiMD library!

Worn is an independent Canadian fashion journal that focuses on the culture, history, and deeper meanings behind fashion. As they describe themselves on their website, their “content is not time or location specific.” Instead of being stuffy and boring, though, this magazine is quirky and fun and makes you want to learn more about the fashion community and its roots. To give you an idea of the flavor of this journal, their current issue includes a photo essay of designers re-creating stylish pictures of their mothers. The best part about Worn? If you are a fashion student, you can submit your original writing to their editors to potentially be published!

A new addition to our interior design subscriptions is Atomic Ranch. This magazine specializes in all things mid-century modern.  It showcases houses that have been restored to this classic 1950s-era style, as well as provides vendor information and tips on how to re-create the look in your own home. This month’s issue has a tutorial on how to make a vintage-inspired dog bed. Their website also has a great directory of web resources of mid-century modern designers, architects, and conservation groups across the country.

Computer Music is a magazine that students in the audio program will love. This magazine is aimed at musicians as well as producers — basically anyone that uses computer software to create music. It includes in-depth articles, tutorials, and interviews with cutting-edge leaders in the field. On top of all that, it comes with a CD with free software and files. This month’s issue includes a copy of Dune CM, a “powerful and superb-sounding hybrid synth for PC and Mac”, as well as 892 musical and sounds samples that can be downloaded to your computer or flash drive.

One of the most unique titles you will run across in the AiMD library is Lucky Peach. Lucky Peach is a culinary journal. However, just like Worn, Lucky Peach doesn’t necessarily focus on recipes or the latest new restaurants. Instead, it examines the culture of food and the issues surrounding the culinary field. Some of the articles analyze serious issues, like the rise of the TV chef. Other pieces are a bit more fun, like the historical timeline of chocolate cakes with gooey centers. One thing is guaranteed: this magazine will make you smile, laugh, and think. Just maybe not all in the same article.

Remember, just like our books, you are welcome to check out back issues of our many magazines and journals for two weeks. Be sure to bring your student ID!

Study Skills

It’s the beginning of  another quarter here at the Art Institute of Michigan!  Whether it’s your first quarter or your last, you probably want to make it a successful one.  Take the first step towards success by heading to the library and picking up one of these books!

An awesome book for any college student to read is Cal Newport’s How to Win at College.  Instead of long, drawn-out chapters, he offers tips with brief, insightful explanations.  It’s the type of book you could pick up and skim for five minutes, yet still walk away feeling like you learned something.  Some of the tips are pretty common sense, for example, “do schoolwork every day”, “eat healthy”, and “always go to class”.  Other tips, such as “make your bed”, “drop classes every quarter”, and “never pull an all-nighter” may seem weird, but actually have a crazy sort of logic behind them.

We know that anyone who uses the AiMD library can’t possibly be an idiot.  That’s why we know you won’t be offended when we recommend The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills.  Again, this book is written in a fun, readable style, which is great for college students who are used to slogging through textbooks.  It gives real-world advice from real students about basic skills like note-taking, test-taking strategies, and how to study effectively.  If you’re looking to pump up your grades this quarter, this book should do the trick.

Turning in honest work is critical, no matter what subject you are studying.  This sounds like common sense, but with today’s heavy reliance on the Internet for information, it can sometimes be tricky figuring out how to use information properly.  Doing Honest Work in College explains how students can avoid making common mistakes that could land them in serious trouble.  Even if you think you know what you’re doing when it comes to writing and citation, take a look at this book.  Odds are, you’ll learn something that will help you down the (scholarly) road.

Return all library materials before the end of the quarter!

All library materials must be returned to the library by this Saturday, December 17th. Library users with materials out after Saturday, December 17th, will be billed for the replacement cost of the items.

Thank you!

Library Hours During Thanksgiving Week

The library will be closed for the holiday beginning on Wednesday, November 23. The library will reopen on Monday, November 28. Have a wonderful break!

Now you can access e-resources through the portal with a single login!

You can now access the library e-resources through the student portal or through the faculty portal. Accessing the library e-resources through either portal provides simplified access to the e-resources, as most will not require a separate login after you have logged in to the portal.

Students may log in to the student portal at After logging in, click the library link at the top of the page:

Faculty should log in to the faculty portal at After logging in, click on the library link on the right side of the page.

Once you are on the library page through the portal, use the options on the left to view the e-resources. Click on “Find by Resource”, then “All Resources” to select from all available e-resources.